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Serving as a Table Host with the

Southern California Gathering of Men

involves taking a first step into leadership

at one of our events.

Become a Table Host ... Here's The Process:

  1. Form a partnership with a friend to invite business associates and friends to the breakfast and hold each other accountable for your efforts.
  2. Make a list, send or give a brochure to each potential guests.
  3. Encourage those you invite.
  4. Fill out the registration form and fax or send in with the appropriate amount by credit card or check TODAY!
  5. The night before the breakfast, CALL the guests who have agreed to attend and remind them of the breakfast. If necessary, offer to pick them up.

For Tickets & Info Click Here

Questions?  Email: 

Or Call:   626-487-1000


 •    An audience of men seeking balance in their lives, pursuing family, personal and God-given priorities as well as career-driven goals.

 •    Articulate and challenging communicators.

 •    A non-threatening environment.

 •    Providing an opportunity for investigating the Christian life.



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