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The 2018 Winter

Gathering Breakfast

with Lee Strobel


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Educated at Yale Law School, Lee Strobel is the former legal editor of The Chicago Tribune.  His awards include Illinois’ highest honors for both investigative reporting and community service journalism from United Press International. 

Lee has authored many books, several which have hit #1 on their respective best-seller lists.  He won a Gold Medallion award for his book, The Case for Christ, which has sold millions of copies in over seven languages, and was released as a Hollywood film in 2017.

Lee has written for a variety of magazines, including New Man, and has been featured in numerous national television and radio programs.

Lee was an atheist for most of his life.  He thought that the idea of an all powerful, all loving God was just silly.  He believed that evolution was where life came from, so what do you need God for?  Lee’s self-motivation for living an atheistic lifestyle was steeped in making life work his way NOW.  As he put it, “My life was focused 100% on journalism.”

The challenge of Lee Strobel’s message is that we must be willing to reconsider the basis for our lifestyle, and have the courage to change course in midstream if the evidence demands it.  Lee's life illustrates the honest response to the question, "If what you were believing was not true, would you want to know it?"



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