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Paul Huddle:  In the Summer of 2005, sixteen brave friends dared to set forth on a wild 30 day, 220 mile adventure, under the expert conveyance of Sonny Salsbury. Several were unable to complete the journey, but eleven awe struck risk takers arrived at the capstone of Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the 48 States (14,495 ft), and breathed in God's magnificent creation together. With appreciation for the groups of Sherpas who backpacked supplies in for our journey at strategic rendezvous points - What a hike ... Thank you Lord! - Keith Edwards, Lee Fricke, John Huddle, Paul Huddle, Ruben Hueso, Steve Lamar, Ashley Loan, Jeffrey Salsbury, Sonny Salsbury, George Wood, and Joshua Wood
  • Monday, 10 May 2010 21:05
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