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In other words, "Why join a Men’s Bible Study Group (MBSG) that strives to place the Bible front and center, solely and alone?" No other books - no commentaries - just the Bible only, using the inductive study method to read and listen to the text out-loud together, for the purpose of allowing the Holy Spirit to speak from the words of the Logos, the alive Scriptures, to and through each member of the group.

So, Why Join a Scripture-Centric Men’s Bible Study Group?

In Colossians 1:1-2:5, the Apostle Paul describes:

  • the foundation for the existence and completeness of all things: Jesus Christ – The Image (eikōn) of the invisible God – The living Word (logos=the Reason for life) – The Gospel (euaggelion) through which we heard, responded, are, see, understand, and we know who we are and for whom we were created.
  • And then Paul details out and explains his own personal ministry to the Church through whom God determined to make known all the things founded in Jesus Christ, to not only the Jews but also to the Gentiles, to make known Christ in us, the hope of glory.