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Berkeley Law Professor, Author

Dr. R. T. Kendall, interviewed by Dr. James Dobson

Olympic Champion, Author and Broadcaster

Chairman, Interstate Batteries, Author and Speaker

Former UCLA Director of Athletics

Army Ranger, Featured in the "Black Hawk Down" film

Composers, Authors, Film Producers

11-Year NFL Veteran, College Football Coach

Jet Airplane Test Pilot, Trainer, Designer

Author and International Speaker

CEO Hyundai Motor America, Automobile Executive

UCLA BB Player, President-Founder, Capital Ministries

Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur

USC & NFL Star Quarterback, Entrepreneur

Dr. Hugh Ross - Astrophysicist, Author, Lecturer

Former Colombo Crime Boss, Author

A. C. Green, LA Lakers' NBA Iron Man

Legal Journalist, Author, and Speaker

Brandon Cash, Chaplain Los Angeles Dodgers

Stanford All-American, NFL Great

Dr. Hugh Ross, Astrophysicist

Paul Huddle, Director, Gathering of Men SoCal

Dr. Hugh Ross, Astrophysicist

Anonymous ... Priceless ... Not for Resale

Dr. Hugh Ross, Astrophysicist

Physician, Author, Public Healthcare Activist

UCLA All-American, President Reagan's Pastor

Former Head Football Coach, Florida State Seminoles

Paul Huddle, Director, Gathering of Men SoCal