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Serving as a Table Host with

The Gathering of Men Involves

   • Taking a First Step into Leadership

   • Sponsoring a Table at a Breakfast Event


 Become a Table Host ... Here's The Process:

     Begin by purchasing at least "1" table (8 seats) or 1/2 table (4 seats).

     Identify friends, co-workers, or neighbors you could invite as your guests, and begin inviting...

     You could also form a partnership with a friend, and together invite friends and business associates to be your guests at the breakfast. This allows you both to hold each other accountable for your efforts.

Here is the process for cultivating relationships with your guests:

   • Send or give a brochure to each potential guest. Let them know you are sponsoring the table.
   • Encourage the men you are inviting. Let them know you're excited about having them sit at your table.
   • Don't forget to register for the breakfast. Do this by clicking the link below. There you will find instructions for paying online or mailing in your table registration.
   • Keep on encouraging the men you are inviting, in person, by text, or by email.
   • The day before the breakfast, CALL your guests who have agreed to attend and remind them of the breakfast. If necessary, offer to pick them up and car pool together.
   • Let them know that the breakfast will dismiss before 8:00 am, so they will have the chance to return to their normal day's activities.

For Ticket Information Click Here

Questions?  Email or Call 626-487-1000

Gathering of Men SoCal Overview:

   • An audience of men seeking balance in their lives, pursuing family, personal and God-given priorities as well as career-driven goals.

   • Articulate and challenging communicators sharing their personal stories of transformation.

   • A non-threatening atmosphere in a great environment, with good food too.

   • GOMSC Breakfast Events provide an opportunity for investigating the Christian life, and how it can impact your life.