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William "Bill" Fay

Corporate Executive (GOMSC, 2004)


Fay’s bio is not common, except in the gossip tabloids, but to hear him tell his story in person is an incredible eye opener to how life can appear to be so under control.  He had everything the world said you ought to have, but the world had lied to him and the truth of his reality was about to drastically change his life.

In 1981, Bill Fay’s world came crashing in on him.  Under investigation, certain his marriage was coming to an end, the pressure was building to an explosive conclusion.  Yet Fay was still certain that, at any moment, he could meet the right guy, marry the perfect woman, or put together the right deal and that would solve all his problems.

What Bill Fay discovered was the answer he had ridiculed all his life.  Bill was caught by surprise when he discovered what really makes life worth living.  Don't miss this opportunity to hear Bill Fay's incredible, life-changing story.