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Corporate Executive, Entrepreneur

Adolph Coors IV


His name is well known across America. Adolph Coors IV is the great-grandson of Adolph Herman Joseph Coors, who was the founder of one of the largest breweries in the world, the Adolph Coors Company of Golden, Colorado.

Adolph's father was Chairman of the Board of the family's brewing business. And when Adolph Coors IV was 14 years of age, his father was kidnapped and brutally murdered. As the oldest son, his teenage years were difficult as the family attempted to survive their tremendous loss.

Adolph's testimony powerfully shares a story of personal tragedy, great struggle, and his quest for successful living in the shadow of the Coors family heritage that epitomized the American Dream.

Before entering the family brewing business, Adolph spent three years in the United States Marine Corps as a cold weather survival training instructor for the Marine's Cold Weather Survival Training Unit. He graduated from the University of Denver School of Business, and then spent two years with the New York Stock Exchange Firm of Shearson Hammill & Company as a commodity specialists.

Finally, Adolph began working in the family brewing business. For six years in various departments such as Marketing, Administration, Sales, Brewing, Quality Control, R&D, and Financial Planning, he learned the business from various departments.

Adolph then struck out on his own. Upon leaving the family business in 1979 he founded the national marketing company of Adco Enterprises. In his frantic struggle to reach the top of his family's brewing business, and then to find his own way as an entrepreneur, Adolph experienced financial crisis and severe marital problems. Surviving a 1973 near fatal automobile accident, he had a life-changing experience that forever altered his life. He eventually found what he was looking for. His story is fascinating and will provide all of us with insights for significant living.

Adolph's personal story will challenge every listener to discover the real meaning and purpose for life.