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Former UCLA Director of Athletics

Introduced by Derrin Horton (former Ch 9 & 2 Sportscaster, current Sportcaster for LA Channel 5)

In a relative short period of time as UCLA’s Director of Athletics, Daniel G. Guerrero has boldly placed his imprint on the school’s athletic program. A former Bruin baseball player, Guerrero exudes the pride of a student-athlete who is now calling the shots at his alma mater. His goal is to help each sport at UCLA maximize its potential, but his personal and deeply held life vision has a deeper and longer-lasting perspective, both for himself as well as every student-athlete who attends UCLA.

The Bruin athletic director expects all of his teams to represent the University with great character and integrity – “image and substance,” in his words.

In his first year as UCLA’s Director of Athletics, he earned numerous honors, capped off by being named 2003 “Father of the Year” by the Father’s Day Council of the American Diabetes Assn.

Belief in conducting a program of integrity and substance has been the cornerstone of Guerrero’s leadership throughout his career. Named as a 1999 Sports Ethics Fellow by the Institute for International Sport, Guerrero has fostered a strong sense of commitment and dedication among his coaches and staff to the development of the total student-athlete experience.

Guerrero, born on November 10, 1951 in Tucson, AZ, is married to the former Anne Marie Aniello and they have two daughters: Jenna (21) and Katie (17).

Don’t miss hearing Dan Guerrero’s prescription for a living a life of substance.